Meet the Chefs

Executive Chef Jonathan Clemons

Chef JonThe Porch menu is seasonally influenced and relies on the bounties produced in this versatile growing region. Chef Jon gathers his ingredients from an extensive list of local providers and farmers that he has built a relationship with during his years of working in Sacramento. He does not necessarily believe in a singular cooking philosophy, but wants to approach every day in the kitchen as a new adventure…read more

Our Bar

Van WinkleWe believe in using only quality ingredients behind our bar, all of our juices are squeezed daily, purees are made in house from fresh organic fruit, we prepare all of our own quality syrups, and continually infuse spirits and bitters to create the freshest tasting cocktails around.

Bourbon Libray: In addition to cocktails we take bourbon very seriously. Our bourbon library currently holds 52 bourbons, whiskeys, whiskys and scotch whiskys and it is still growing! Every one is tasted by our owners and staff in order to ensure we are serving you the best quality products. read more

Join the Porch Social Club

Drink, eat and be social: The goal of The Porch Social Club is to offer members an outlet to enjoy and learn more about spirits, cocktails, and every other adult beverage you can think of…read more

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